Friday, August 1, 2014
AUG 26 DAY 1

MMI News

MMI hires two new teachers

Timothy Garvey and Todd Ronco have been hired as teachers at MMI Preparatory School, announced Head of School Thomas Hood.

MMI students chosen for leadership seminar

Two MMI Preparatory School students are attending the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership World Leadership Congress in Chicago this week.

Student accepted into Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins

Angel A. Alday, a freshman at MMI, has been accepted into the Peabody Institute of The John Hopkins University.

Second-semester president's list released

Thomas G. Hood, head of school at MMI Preparatory School, has announced the names of students who have been named to the President’s List during the second semester.

Fourth-quarter honor roll released

Thomas G. Hood, head of school at MMI Preparatory School, has announced the names of students who achieved Honor Roll status during the fourth quarter.

MMI Blog

Success On and Off the Field

By Jason Tribbet
MMI Athletic Director

Jason TribbetIf you enjoy playing sports as much as I do, then I don’t need to tell you why playing sports will benefit you not only now but the rest of your life.

I have sports to thank for some of the best memories I have growing up. Playing catch with my dad in the backyard, playing football on a cool fall day with my friends, or just catching up with friends who I met while playing college baseball … those are just a few of the fond memories that I have because I played sports growing up.

MMI: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

By Grete DeAngelo
MMI Social Studies Instructor

Grete DeAngeloI live in a small town and I love it. So many students tell me they can’t wait to get out of this area, but I was one of those who never wanted to leave. In the summers, I walk early in the morning and I pass the same people on their own walking routes every day. It is unusual for me to drive or walk down Main Street and see anyone who doesn’t at least look familiar.

Going to MMI is like walking in a small town. There are 250 students and I know almost every one of them by name. The ones whose names I don’t know or I haven’t yet taught are kids whose faces are familiar, so much so that whenever we have a shadow student visiting, I notice right away that there’s someone new in the halls.

Advancing MMI with Your Help

By Kim McNulty
MMI Director of Advancement

Kim McNultyWhen I joined the MMI family as the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid in 2007, I was thrilled to be joining a team that stood for educational excellence. Despite not being from this area, I quickly learned the integral role that MMI had played in the lives of so many people. Those people were now bringing their children to MMI. My role was well defined and my job was clear-cut: recruit students to MMI and walk families through the admissions and financial aid processes.

In 2011, I moved into a newly formed position at MMI as the Director of Advancement. When I heard about the job opening, my first thought was “What the heck is advancement?” To this day, that’s still the first question anyone asks me when I mention what I do for a living.

MMI Preparatory School

Friday, August 1, 2014
AUG 26 DAY 1