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One of MMI’s most valuable assets is the strength of its faculty. These dedicated professionals are committed to working with students who are interested in learning; exposing them to a level of education well beyond what is considered traditional.  The 27 members of the MMI Faculty have devoted over 308 years of service to the institutuion, an average of 11 years per faculty member.  This exhibits consistency, stability, and a never-ending committment to MMI's vision.

Brone Lobichusky, Class of 2010, said, "The teachers will take the time to work one-on-one with you.  They get to know you really well and they make the curriculum fun.”


When was the last time that you heard a student say something like that?  We hear it all the time. 

"One of the most exciting things that I get to do each day is teach Ancient Greek and Latin to MMI’s mid school students. This is the first opportunity that most students have to explore a foreign language; Greek and Latin are the perfect medium. They allow the imagination to reach back over the centuries and hear voices long dead speak again," says Reverend Lawrence R. Barriger.


Our small classes mean teachers truly get to know their students. When the final bell of the day rings, they continue working, providing after-school tutoring during an optional period. And, just as our teachers are willing to assist those who need help, they’re also available if a student wants to go above and beyond the curriculum.


Kate Lengel, social science instructor, states,  "Most families don’t send their children to MMI just to get an education. They send their children to MMI because the teachers here are truly interested in the personal accomplishments and professional achievements each student is capable of making. And it is through the encouragement of the administration and fellow faculty members at MMI that I am inspired to help our students dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. That’s what teaching at MMI is all about!"
Our teachers like being here. They work to keep the curriculum fresh and up-to-date and they like seeing their students graduate from MMI and succeed in life.
Please click on the name below to view individual Faculty pages:
Reverend Lawrence R. Barriger, Greek and Latin Instructor
Madison Below, Guidance Counselor
Gregg J. S. Bluth, Science and Mathematics Instructor
Stella Boosalis, Library and Computer Science Instructor
Dennis Clarke, Spanish and Speech Instructor
Anthony Cusat, Mathematics Instructor
Grete DeAngelo, Social Science Instructor
Daniel DeMelfi, Music Instructor
Lisa Ferry, Art, Anthropology, and Writing Instructor
Kathryn Green, English Instructor
Mary-Lee Hood, Science Instructor
Katherine Lengel, Social Science Instructor
Christine Lizbinski, Music and Accounting Instructor
Nancy Lotz, English Instructor
Patty Medvecky, Physical Education Instructor
Michael Mele, Science Instructor
Gabriela Moustardas, German Instructor
Susan Moyer, Mathematics Instructor
Jennifer Novotney, English Instructor
Laura Petro, Science Instructor
Gerard Pierotti, Mathematics Instructor
Michael Scarlato, Social Science Instructor
Stephanie Shandra, College Admissions Counselor
Christina Spencer, Chinese Instructor
Donna Titus, English Instructor
Jason Tribbet, Athletic Director and Physical Education Instructor
Justin Vincent, Technology and Engineering Instructor
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