Thursday, September 18, 2014

MMI News

MMI is testing center for SAT, ACT exams

MMI is a testing center for students taking the SAT and ACT examinations in preparation for college applications.

MMI students chosen for program in China

Three students from MMI Preparatory School were selected to participate in a Chinese-sponsored international conference in Beijing, China, this summer.

MMI healthy option cooking featured on WBRE

wbreatmmiMMI’s new healthy school lunch program is gaining attention with the start of school just around the corner as WBRE TV broadcast live from the school kitchen Monday morning, August 18, with segments in four early newscasts.

WBRE reporter Jasmine Brooks interviewed students, teachers, and administrators about the school’s new menu that will feature healthier choices and dishes that are cooked up fresh by the school's new chef using scratch ingredients.

The daily selection will include one robust entrée and side vegetable, a beautiful and fresh salad bar, sandwich bar, soup du jour, and various side items.

To watch the WBRE segment, click here.

MMI student recognized by scholarship program

Claire Sheen, a student at MMI Preparatory School, has been named a High Scorer by the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program.

MMI hires two new teachers

Timothy Garvey and Todd Ronco have been hired as teachers at MMI Preparatory School, announced Head of School Thomas Hood.

MMI Blog

This Is Why I Teach

By Grete DeAngelo
MMI Social Science Instructor

Grete DeAngelo

I don't do it for the money. So many students tell me, "I don't know what I want to do, but I want to make a lot of money." Well, the money won't mean much if there's no meaning in what you do.

I don't do it for the recognition. A lot of days, I only get recognized for being a taskmaster. My students have straight-out asked me, "If you have a master's degree from a great school, what are you doing teaching?"

Surviving AP: Parent Edition

By Katherine Zucco
MMI Social Sciences Instructor

Katherine Zucco

All parents want their children to succeed at MMI, but some may not be sure how to help when their children enroll in the AP program. For this blog, teachers at MMI brainstormed together and created this quick guide to “Surviving AP” for parents.

Perhaps the best starting point is sharing a culture of optimism about school. This can be difficult to do if we hold on to our own negative experiences from our past, so it is important to stay positive as your children encounter new challenges or perceived setbacks in the AP curriculum. A child can easily obsess over a mistake, but when you help your children focus on the rewards of effort and progress, they will learn how to keep mistakes and uncertainty in perspective.

All In This Together

By Emily Seratch
Class President, Class of 2015

Emily Seratch

I can't believe it’s my senior year already. Some people have been waiting for this time to come for years, but I've been trying to slow it down. It's crazy to think this is my last year walking the halls of MMI. I can remember walking through the glass doors for the first time six years ago. It was a new experience that, thankfully, I didn't have to go through alone.

MMI Preparatory School

Thursday, September 18, 2014