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Wall of Fame Class of 2009

Mr. Harry Carl Schaub, J.D. ’46, has enjoyed a successful pair of careers filled with accomplishments. For over fifty years, Mr. Schaub has practiced law with the Philadelphia firm of Montgomery, McCracken, Walker and Rhoades with a concentration in international business as well as corporate and securities law. Mr. Schaub also serves as Austrian Consul General, representing the Republic of Austria on public and private matters with the City of Philadelphia. In this position, he was awarded the Austrian Knight’s Cross, First Class, for his outstanding service to the Republic of Austria. Mr. Schaub’s second career as a military intelligence specialist also spans more than five decades. Mr. Schaub founded the John Peter Zenger Law Society and served as Director as well as President. He has also been published on a number of occasions and serves as a professional lecturer. In addition to his professional accomplishment, Mr. Schaub has remained close and faithful to MMI. He hosted MMI’s Philadelphia Mini-Reunion for a number of years, and assisted in the Class of 1946 Preservation of Old Main Fund as well as the Class of 1946 Endowed Scholarship, the first such class scholarship at MMI.

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