Diversity Statement

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MMI Preparatory School welcomes all students who can meet the school’s academic standards and performance expectations. We recognize that our students come from a variety of backgrounds and that they possess unique gifts and face unique challenges in their life journeys. We are committed to providing them with an educational experience that helps them to realize their full potential.

MMI has a longstanding tradition of serving the local community. Our mission has its roots in MMI’s founding as a night school for area coal miners, and later, a day school for the children of coal miners. Education was viewed by the school’s founders as essential for providing life-improving career opportunities for students, many of whom came from recent immigrant families. In that spirit, the school has always embraced newcomers to the area, whose diverse backgrounds and perspectives have enriched the MMI experience for all students.

As the school has evolved and expanded over the years, our commitment to providing access to an MMI education for the area’s diverse population has remained constant. The school maintains a generous need-based financial aid program to ensure that MMI continues to be an inclusive community for all students, regardless of their ability to pay.

MMI does not discriminate, in its admission policies or hiring practices, on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Respect for every individual is embedded in the culture of the school and is an essential component of an MMI education.

At MMI we are committed to providing every student with opportunities to learn, encouragement to excel, and preparation for a lifetime of success.