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The MMI Curriculum

When it comes time for a student to go to college, MMI Preparatory School graduates are better prepared than most as a result of our curriculum.

MMI’s curriculum offers a challenging and rigorous college preparatory framework that mixes the basics of traditional education with advanced instruction and a vast elective course catalog. All three of these curriculum components are necessary to prepare students for the demands of future learning. MMI courses are designed to offer unique opportunities for all students.

In middle school, students develop their ambition and drive. As they advance to upper school, they develop a series of goals, further their commitment to work, increase their drive to succeed, and take greater responsibility for their own learning — just as they will when they go off to college. As a reflection of this personal growth, curriculum choices become more extensive as a student moves through the school.

Most students will have homework every night. That may sound like a great deal of work, but when they get to college, MMI students are prepared for the workload they encounter, easing that transition to university life. And, while the pace is brisk, we offer faculty and peer-to-peer tutoring, so students aren’t left behind.

Because they are so well-prepared, MMI graduates often find themselves ahead of the class in their first-year core courses in college. This makes the transition to the independence of college life a lot easier — and it allows students to branch out and explore new areas of study, taking electives they otherwise might not have considered.

The MMI curriculum develops critical thinking and encourages students to develop very important time-management skills. MMI challenges students and then teaches them how to meet those challenges. That has been the key to our success for more than 140 years.

Two MMI Students
Two MMI students

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School curriculum introduces students to new languages, technology literacy and the arts.

Upper School Curriculum

High School curriculum hones students’ interests in specific subject areas as the focus on college preparation intensifies.

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