Monday, January 23, 2017

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MMI receives ExxonMobil grant for science and technology departments

MMI Preparatory School received a $500 grant through the ExxonMobil Foundation that it will use toward its science and technology departments.

MMI was nominated for the grant ExxonMobil Educational Alliance grant by Liberty Petroleum Distributors of New Milford. The grant funds are specifically designated for math or science departments. MMI plans to use the grant money to fund a collaborative project between the Marine Biology and Robotics classes where students are working toward building Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs).

Michael Mele, MMI Science Department Chair said, “We are so appreciative of the support for this cross curriculum project and for the dedication of our alumni and the organizations they represent in helping MMI continue to provide a strong academic program in both science and technology.”  

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MMI recognizes first semester ‘Best of the Best’ students

Students in eighth, 10th and 12th grades delivered presentations as part of MMI Preparatory School’s annual “Best of the Best” program during an assembly held at the school. Sophomore Alyssa Sweda, the daughter of John and Jacqueline Sweda of Hazle Township, was the overall “Best of the Best” winner for the first semester for her presentation on Charleston, South Carolina.

The assembly program is designed to help MMI students improve and enhance their communication skills, which are important as they progress through high school, college, and beyond.

Additional “Best of the Best” presenters were senior Joshua Narrow, the son of Howard and Marie Narrow of Hazleton, for his presentation on Hamilton; sophomore Alexander Kline, the son of Dr. Gerard and Caterina Kline of Mountaintop, for his presentation on how to pack a suitcase; eighth grader Jacqueline Snyder, daughter of Dr. Christopher and Dr. Jill Snyder of Sugarloaf, for her presentation on superstitions; and eighth grader Louis DeAngelo, son of Grete Floryshak of Sugarloaf and Louis DeAngelo of Hazle Township, for his presentation entitled The Internet is Watching You.

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Students who take MMI entrance examination can qualify for full merit scholarship

MMI Preparatory School will be offering a full merit scholarship to the student who scores in the 95th percentile or above in one area of each section of its Entrance and Scholarship exam, which will be given on January 28, at 9 a.m. at MMI’s campus at 154 Centre Street in Freeland.

The full merit scholarship is only available to new students who sit for the Entrance and Merit Scholarship exam on January 28. The student who earns the scholarship has the opportunity to keep it throughout their time at MMI, provided they meet or exceed the established academic criteria. 

The Entrance and Merit Scholarship exam is comprehensive in nature, assessing students’ general ability (verbal and quantitative), reading comprehension and mathematic achievement. Writing skills are tested as well with a short essay.

To register for the exam, please call the admissions office at 570-636-1108 by January 26. The exam will begin promptly at 9 a.m. and all registrants are encouraged to report to MMI’s Coxe Commons by 8:45 a.m. 

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MMI team places third in annual Bloomsburg University Math Contest

A team of four MMI Preparatory School students placed third in all three categories in the annual Bloomsburg University Math Contest.

The team of Ali Aijaz, Anirban Chowdhury, Allison McGeehan and Nicholas Young placed third in Brain Teasers, Quiz Bowl and the Game of 24 card challenge. Ali Aijaz is the son of Fakhruddin and Dr. Naghma Aijaz, Mountaintop; Anirban Chowdhury is the son of Bhaskar and Saumitri Chowdhury, Hazle Township; Allison McGeehan is the daughter of Thomas and Sandra McGeehan, Drums; and Nicholas Young is the son of Christian and Nicole Young, Freeland.

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MMI students qualify for 2016-17 State Journalism Contest

Four MMI Preparatory School students qualified to compete in the Pennsylvania School Press Association 2016-17 State Journalism Contest during a regional competition at Penn State University’s Berks Campus.

Joshua Narrow, Danielle Pileggi, Julia Snyder and Chava Kornblatt earned the right to travel to Penn State’s University Park campus on March 29, 2017, to vie for the state championship in their respective categories. Danielle Pileggi and Julia Snyder both qualified in the Literary Magazine Art category, Joshua Narrow qualified in the Literary Magazine Poetry category and Chava Kornblatt qualified in the Yearbook Caption Writing category.

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MMI Blog

Not Just Another Club

By Allison McGeehan
MMI Senior

When I first joined FBLA three years ago, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on my life. Just entering my freshman year of high school, I really didn’t know much about FBLA, other than the fact it was a club to add to my résumé, and it focused on business, a topic that I was beginning to think about pursuing in the future. Flash-forward to sophomore year when I participated in the competitive event of Business Communications and was fortunate enough to qualify to compete at both the State Leadership Conference in Hershey and the National Leadership Conference in Chicago. At this point, I was well aware of the benefits and opportunities being a member of FBLA provided me, not just in terms of business education, but in developing leadership qualities and having the opportunity to network with motivated students and professionals from around the country.

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An Unforgettable Experience

By Garrett Kost
MMI Junior

At MMI, we pride ourselves with practical and useful knowledge through application both in the classroom and in real life. But little do we actually get to test the latter. For me, a student of the German language and culture for three years, the ability to try out my skills is limited to my class or those rare occasions where one can speak in German a little or barely at all. In my opinion, one can study a language for many years, but until you use it in conversation with a native speaker, you could never even think of becoming fluent. Finally, my chance came with this trip. While there, I could practice my skills and see how well I do.

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More than Just a School

By Taylor Peluso
2016 Class President

PelusoTaylor2015 2016
When I started at MMI in the 7th grade, graduation seemed like a far off milestone. Today, it’s just 6 short months away! Hard to believe that the college application process is complete and next year at this time, I’ll be wrapping up my first semester in college.

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