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We would love to have you visit while school is in session so you can witness for yourself the camaraderie and enthusiasm of our students; however, if you cannot make it during the school year, tours are available year-round. Please contact the Admissions Office at (570) 636-1108 to set up an appointment.

Diversity is very important to us. We are dedicated to being a school community that represents the broad range of diverse indicators such as socioeconomics, geography, ethnicity, religion, and race. Students of color represent 18 percent of our student population.

MMI Preparatory School has a long-standing tradition of welcoming students who meet its academic standards and performance expectations, regardless of their socio-economic status. The school maintains a generous need-based financial aid program to ensure access for qualified students from all segments of the community.

MMI does not discriminate, in its admission policies or hiring practices, on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Respect for every individual is embedded in the culture of the school and is an essential component of an MMI education.

We recommend that all applicants visit MMI for a Shadow Day to get a true feel for the School. Please call the Admissions office at (570) 636-1108 to schedule a Shadow Day. We like to hear from you personally so that we can get an idea of your child’s interests and pair him or her with one of our student ambassadors.

In every applicant’s case, MMI looks for a “best fit.” We look to determine if the student is a fit academically, socially, and behaviorally. While many families assume MMI is only for the exceptionally bright, we accept a broad range of students. We especially look for students who have the will to work hard and the desire to be successful. Our goal is to admit students who possess the skills, abilities, and potential to be successful at MMI, and who have diverse interests and backgrounds.

Yes. All applicants need to take an Entrance Exam. MMI holds multiple exams each year and will schedule private exams if necessary. Every applicant who takes the exam will also be scheduled for an interview and must submit a complete application for admission and if needed, complete their application or tuition assistance.

If we have openings in the grade you are looking for, we may test students after the Entrance Exam is given. Contact the Admissions Office at (570) 636-1108 if you would like to apply after the exam is given.

The enrollment period for the upcoming school year starts on November 1. Anyone can apply for tuition assistance; however, it is given on a need basis. Go to and click on “applicant sign-in.” New users will have to create an account. You must reapply for tuition assistance every year. Your password and account information can be used year after year, so we suggest that you remember your password when you create your account.

A child’s acceptance to MMI is based on the strength of the application. Tuition Assistance requirements are addressed only after a child has been accepted.

MMI’s policy for determining the financial need of students is based on the principle that both parents are responsible for the support and educational expenses of their child(ren), to the extent that they are financially able to assume responsibility. MMI requires that both the noncustodial and custodial parents provide financial information.

Each parent’s financial information is kept confidential. Failing to make sure that your child’s tuition assistance application is complete in this respect can affect the amount of the grant offered. Please contact the Admissions Office for guidance in handling unusual circumstances.

Yes! Due to a change in the tax code, families can use their existing 529 savings plan to pay for tuition at public, private, or religious schools. Up to $10,000 can be used per year, per beneficiary for tuition at MMI.

Public school districts are required by law to provide free transportation for school-aged children to private schools within a 10-mile radius of the school.

Currently, the following public school districts provide busing to MMI:

  • Crestwood School District
  • Hazleton Area School District
  • Weatherly School District.