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Each MMI student has their own blend of skills, interests and passions, and they choose to test them out right here at MMI. They’re writing their own stories and exploring their futures, and they’re doing it right now.

What will your MMI story be?

My name is Ava

At MMI, Ava finds an inspiring place to learn where her teachers have plenty of time to give her one-on-one attention. She loves the small class sizes and after-class study sessions with her teachers. The small class sizes mean she gets more out of hands-on activities.

Orientation day stood out for Ava, who felt welcome and accepted the moment she walked in the doors — like MMI had a place for her to belong. She encourages her friends that, if they’re ambitious and work at it, they will learn in a fun and inspiring environment.

But that’s just the academic stuff.

Ava started at MMI in sixth grade, so she’s been here long enough to figure out what extra activities she wants to explore. In ninth grade, she wants to join the tennis team and drama club. She’s already warming up, and getting a feel for playing singles and doubles tennis.

When we first spoke with her while she was in eighth grade, she hadn’t quite pinned down what kind of career path she would embark on. However, she’s already well on her way creating something many people only dream of doing but rarely have the motivation to finish: Ava’s writing a fiction/fantasy novel. When she talked to us, she had already completed 18 chapters.

Keep up the great work, Ava! We’re excited to see what you’ll accomplish here at MMI and with your own ambitious goals.

My name is Carson

Carson joined the MMI family as a junior. He had just come from a high school with 1,000 other students in his graduating class and told us it was easy to feel a little lost. Now he has around 30 students in his class.

Whether he’s close friends with them or not, Carson knows just about everybody’s name here at MMI, and that feels great. He strengthens bonds with his classmates through sports, and was part of MMI’s first baseball team to ever win a state game in 2020.

“MMI’s sports programs are pretty amazing. You have the opportunity to play any sport, since the school is smaller,” Carson told us.

That even means getting a shot to join the golf team when he’d never truly played golf before. The coach took a chance on him, and now he sees his game improving practice after practice.

Of the most important lessons he’s learned, Carson has sharpened his time management skills. They come from playing sports and taking advantage of MMI’s daily flex periods to finish class projects on time.

Carson has a pretty solid plan laid out for his future. He wants to attend Penn State-Hazleton to study project and supply chain management.

You’ve got incredible vision, Carson! We’re honored to help you get ready for what looks like an amazing future. Thank you for sharing your MMI story with us!

My name is Jillian

When Jillian took her first chemistry class as a junior at MMI, she quickly discovered a knack for science. Now she’s building the foundation for a career in the field and starting the application process for colleges.

She even took part in a summer program on the physics of atomic nuclei at Michigan State University.

But her love for science isn’t the only passion she picked up at MMI. Through performance-based programs like Poetry Out Loud, Mock Trial and Drama Club, she found her voice and now loves to get on stage. After studying Latin and Greek in middle school, she was inspired to try Chinese and plans to continue studying it in college.

When we asked about her strongest memory at MMI, she immediately went back to Spirit Day in eighth grade. She had been a student here for only about two weeks and admitted she was pretty shy. Even as a newcomer, she felt welcomed by everyone who showed her kindness.

“Now this year, I get to be a Spirit Day captain,” she said. “I get to make someone else have a good experience just like I did.”

At MMI, Jillian told us that she learned two lessons that will help her for the rest of her life. She learned good study habits and she learned to have ambition.

To you, Jillian, we say thank you for bringing your best every day to MMI! With an attitude like that and all the skills you’ve grown here, there’s no telling what you’ll achieve.

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