MMI Announces Exploration Day

MMI Preparatory School is holding their November Exploration Day on Saturday, November 18 at 9AM. Exploration Day allows students and parents in NEPA to learn more about an MMI education while touring the campus and meeting faculty. This is a great opportunity to meet other families who are also interested in giving their child an MMI education.

Showcasing a variety of sports, clubs, and classes, the curriculum is challenging and rigorous. Mixing the basics of traditional education with advanced instruction, an MMI education prepares your student for college and life beyond. 100% of the 2023 class continued their education, while earning $7.5 million collectively in scholarships. Bucknell University, University of Chicago, and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology are only some of the schools that last year’s class went on to attend.

MMI also offers scholarships, with 56% of students receiving need-based tuition assistance, averaging about $8K per student. About $74,000 in merit-based scholarships were also distributed during the 2022-2023 school year.

For those seeking admission to the school, Entrance Evaluations are given on all MMI Exploration Days and can also be taken by appointment depending on class availability.

To register for the November Exploration Day on Saturday, November 18 at 9AM, call (570) 636-1108 ext. 136 or email to reserve your spot.


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