MMI Recognizes Students During Upper School Awards Convocation

MMI Recognizes Students During Upper School Awards Convocation

MMI recognized students during the Upper School Awards Convocation.

The Freeland VFW recognized Diane Arias-Tejeda, Kendall Orozco, Diane Kim, and Corey Buchman for their excellence in the 2022-2023 Voice of Democracy Audio Essay Program.

The Freeland American Legion honored John Schwear with the Freeland American Legion Good Citizenship Award.

MMI’s Athletic Director, Joseph Flanagan, presented the American Red Cross High School Leadership Scholarship to Erica Kline.

The Luzerne Foundation presented the Frank Pasdon Memorial Scholarship to Jessica Zheng and the Ed Hughes Memorial Scholarship to Caden Pease and John Schwear. Family and friends of Frank Pasdon established the Frank Pasdon Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor the residents of the greater Jim Thorpe area who, as customers of the Jim Thorpe Market, supported the success of his business. The Ed Hughes Scholarship Fund was created by Mr. Ed Hughes through a gift through the Luzerne Foundation. Mr. Hughes wanted to help the “best students” from our area.

Jessica Zheng was recognized as a National Merit Commended Scholar award winner.

Khristian Banks was awarded the Greater Hazleton Area Polonaise Society Jake Kislan ‘56/ Wydock/Kopetskie Scholarship.

Awards were also given to students who showed outstanding contribution, achievement, and dedication to an individual subject in the past academic year. Those students were:

9th Grade: Cedrah Abdulrahman (Chinese Language and History), Ava Genetti (English), Alexis Bleiler (Math and Science), Arushi Solgama (Spanish Language), Cassidy McDermott (Visual Arts).

10th Grade: Lydia Chen (Chinese Language), Diane Kim (English), Jason Roberts (History), Alexander Composto (Math and Spanish Language), Daniel Griffith (Science), Winni Zheng (Visual Arts).

11th Grade: Abigail Sparich (Chinese Language and English), Diane Arias-Tejeda (History), Nathaniel Neidlinger (Math and Science), Sophia Plonk (Spanish Language), Emily Hunsinger (Visual Arts).

Every year, MMI students participant in research projects that are presented at their Open House and winners are chosen by an independent panel of judges. Those winners were:

Third Place: Erica Schwear- Level II Humanities, Ava Putnam- Level III Humanities, Kendall Orozco- Level II Science, Sophia Plonk-Level III Science.

Second Place: Cedrah Abdulrahman-Level II Humanities, Emily Hunsinger-Level III Humanities, Kiyan Paknezhad-Level II Science, John Schwear-Level III Science.

First Place: Cassidy McDermott-Level II Humanities, Alex Neyhart-Level III Humanities, Adam Frask-Level II Science, Paul Neyhart-Level III Science, and for Cooking projects, the winners were Kasia Svendson Bitel, Manal Muhammad, and Jessica Zheng.

Ryan Clymer-Sones was recognized as the 2023 George Eastman Kodak Young Leaders Award and Scholarship Recipient. The 2023 Baush and Lomb Honorary Science Award was presented to Kasra Paknezhad. Caylee Herseim was presented the 2023 Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences. The 2023 Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology was presented to Jagjit Gondara. The 2023 Rensselaer Medal Award was presented to Nathaniel Neidlinger. The Bryn Mawr President’s Book Award was presented to Abigail Sparich. The University of Pennsylvania Book Award was presented to Sophia Plonk. London Chehovich received the Chatham University 2023 Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award. The Alfred University Outside of the Ordinary Award was presented to Zachary Yenchko.

The following juniors were recognized for the Rochester Institute of Technology High School Awards. Those students were: Robert Orbin (2023 RIT Computing Medal), Diane Arias-Tejeda (2023 RIT Humanities and Social Science Award), Phoebe Bramley (2023 RIT Women in STEM Award), Sun Wang (2023 RIT Math and Science Award), Edgar Lopez Rodriguez (RIT Business and Leadership Award), and Jason Salio (2023 RIT Technology, Art and Design Award).

Several awards were given to multiple winners.Bria Kringe, Ethan Lloyd, and Dominic Raifsnider (2023 Student Sage Award), Alex Neyhart and Heath Williams (2023 Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award) John Drobnock, Reed Floryshak, Angelica Jimenez,and Lex Lispi (2023 Elmira College Key Awards), Emily Borchick, Brendon Brobst, Andrew Burns, Jordan Mulhall, and Kathryn Sissick (Juniors Scholars Program at High Point University), Caitlin Lenahan, Jakob Rossi, Nathan Sissick, and Blake Warren (Wilkes University Emerging Leader Award).

Kate Malay and Caden Pease were recipients of the 2023 District 2 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Scholar-Athlete Award.

Anden Karlick was presented with the 2023 MMI Ambassador Service Award for his dedication and longevity in the MMI Student Ambassador Program.

The final awards of the evening were The Eckley B. Coxe, Jr. Memorial Subject Awards. This recognition honors seniors who achieved academic excellence in each subject area over a student’s entire tenure in the upper school. Those winners were: Kasia Svendson Bitel (Chinese Language), Ty McDermott (English and Visual Arts), Jessica Zheng (History, Math and Science), Manal Muhammad (Spanish Language).

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