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Wall of Fame Class of 2011

For nearly 50 years and under four presidents at MMI, Mr. James Dei Tos volunteered his services by performing numerous masonry, concrete and handyman jobs at the school. MMI and its leaders knew they could count on Mr. Dei Tos for planned projects as well as the occasional emergency. He built the concrete steps outside Old Main and also did the brick work for many windows in Old Main. Other tasks he undertook include pumping water from the old MMI gymnasium during flooding; fixing a leaking Old Main steeple; digging the trench in the underground tunnel between Old Main and Century II to prevent water damage; and working on the parapets between the 1942-1943 addition to Old Main, and constantly repointing brickwork on the building. Even at age 73, Mr. Dei Tos used scaffolding to hang all the athletic banners in the gymnasium. Recognizing the value of an MMI education, he sent his son, Nicholas ’71 to MMI, and Nick in turn sent his three daughters, Nina ’01, Maria ’05, and Gabrielle ’08, to MMI.

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