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Wall of Fame Class of 2009

Mr. John Zoltak ‘56 is the founder and chief executive officer of the Support Systems Associates, Inc. (SSAI), a company that has been providing advanced management, engineering, logistics and technical support services to the Department of Defense and industry customers for 40 years. After graduating from MMI and completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, he began his career as an engineer for the Autonetics division of North American Aviation and then for the Harris Corporation where he participated in the development of the first completely computerized avionic test system used on aircraft carriers at sea. Mr. Zoltak started SSAI in order to support customers in the area of Automated Test Equipment Technology for the United States Air Force and Army aircraft. Today, the company has evolved to offer a comprehensive range of engineering services under the direction of Mr. Zoltak.   Under his guidance, SSAI employees over 300 in offices across the United States and has steadily grown to become a leader of the industry. In light of all of his professional accomplishments, Mr. Zoltak has found time to remain close to his alma mater. In 1984, Mr. Zoltak served as the MMI Commencement speaker and, along with his wife, Margaret Mary, established The John and Margaret Mary Bellezza Zoltak Endowed Scholarship at MMI.

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