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Wall of Fame Class of 2007

Mr. Walter D. Haentjens ’39 was a devoted alumnus, friend and patron of MMI for more than six decades. He gave freely of his time and talent to improve the education provided to MMI students. He served as Alumni Director in the 1950s and as an MMI Board Member from 1963 to 1971. A key figure in MMI’s annual fundraising efforts and capital campaigns, Mr. Haentjens established the Barrett, Haentjens and Company Scholarship at MMI. He was also a valued resource regarding the operation of the MMI physical plant who often quietly underwrote necessary repairs and improvements to school facilities. Haentjens served for many years as president of Barrett, Haentjens and Company, one of the largest companies in the specialty pump design field. He was a member and officer of various community organizations and represented the United States in a professional capacity in England, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Japan and several other countries. Mr. Haentjens had three children attend MMI as well as two grandchildren.

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