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sydney at PSGE

By Sydney Karpowich
MMI Senior

The Pennsylvania School of Global Entrepreneurship (PSGE) has ignited my entrepreneurial spirit and helped me expand on business ventures I am involved in, as well as sparked creativity to develop other business ideas.  I have been working on an idea to develop a free women’s self-defense organization to combat rising abuse rates against local women.  Additionally, I am currently working with a team of four girls on an iDeX pitch, featuring an app that allows users to more effectively medically diagnose themselves at home. 

For my company project at PSGE, I was on a team with six other students to work for Soltech Solutions. The company produces grow lights that not only allow plants to flourish indoors, but also increases the ambiance of one’s space. Our job was to create a new marketing campaign for the company and increase sales to other businesses.

Our team finished the last two weeks strong. We redesigned Soltech Solutions’ Instagram campaign by creating three personas, one for each Executive Officer of the company. The purpose was to give them an outlet to connect with consumers on a more personal level. Each persona confronted a different value of their product, from indoor gardening, to interior design, to humor (an attempt to reach a younger customer base). We expanded their Twitter page by creating grow light memes. Finally, we gave them suggestions for improving their website. The team implemented blogs to keep customers updated on the benefits of incorporating grow lighting into their everyday lifestyle.

Mentored by a native of Puerto Rico, my team was comprised of three international students from Finland, France, and Russia, as well as three kids from Pennsylvania. Several people in the program also spoke Mandarin Chinese and I challenged myself to try to communicate with them solely in Chinese. 

Interacting with students from a variety of cultures was my favorite aspect of the program.  I have had the privilege to discuss and learn about different parts of the world through personal stories and encounters with my international peers.

I truly enjoyed this once in a lifetime opportunity. It provided me with not only classes to expand my global views and knowledge of business, but also the opportunity to work with a company solving real life issues. 

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