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Wall of Fame Class of 2010

The 1964 Boys Basketball stunned the regional sports world with their intense 7 to 5 victory over West Hazleton. West Hazleton was undefeated and had tied the state record of 62 consecutive league victories. In fact, the Wildcats had not lost a league game since 1959 and now were on the verge of a new record, until they faced the Preppers. The two teams were tied for first place in the Anthracite League at one time in the season and both were accustomed to high-scoring games. MMI and West Hazleton mutually claimed a number of victories with their scoreboard exceeding 100 points, making their 7 to 5 win all the more astonishing. This historic upset drew national media attention for its remarkably low score and was noted for Coach Al Goedecke’s defense tactics as well as MMI’s disciplined teamwork.

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