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Gabriellia Nunez Becker, who recently completed her junior year at MMI Preparatory School, has been selected to attend a program this summer that teaches girls about American government.

She was chosen to attend Keystone Girls State at Shippensburg University by the Freeland American Legion Auxiliary Unit. Becker is the daughter of Susan Becker of Lake Harmony.

Keystone Girls State will be held from June 22 to 28 and is the 69th session sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. About 200 girls are brought together through sponsorship of local auxiliary units and other organizations to study government on city, county and state levels.

The purpose of the American Legion Auxiliary is to inculcate and educate the youth of America in the duties, rights and responsibilities of citizenship. At Keystone Girls State (KGS), the “citizens” study local, county and state government by setting up their own miniature city, county and state governments and administering them according to laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

After arriving at KGS, the citizens are divided into two political parties. The parties allow citizens to gain knowledge about the operation of a two-party system. KGS citizens participate in these instructional political parties and elections are held to fill city and state positions. During the week, the girls will elect city, county and state officials, including governor, lieutenant governor, other officers and an “Outstanding Citizen.” Activities include legislative sessions, campaigning, party rallies, debating and voting. The citizens also receive special instruction in parliamentary procedure.

KGS affords participants an opportunity to live together as self-governing citizens by informing them about the privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship.

This learning experience better familiarizes the young women with their duties as United States citizens and encourages their participation in the democratic process.

The program is funded by the American Legion Auxiliary, with some additional support from the Legion family and other civic and non-profit organizations.

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