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MMI students tour Italy 2017

By T.R. LaputkaDirector of Technology Eleven MMI students, three parents and two faculty members traveled to Italy during spring break 2017 for an educational tour. Arranged by EF Education Tours, the tour took them through Milan, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, and many other towns. For most of the students this had been the first time...

July 20, 2017January 28, 2022In Blog

Not Just Another Club

By Allison McGeehan MMI Senior When I first joined FBLA three years ago, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on my life. Just entering my freshman year of high school, I really didn’t know much about FBLA, other than the fact it was a club to add to my...

September 6, 2016January 28, 2022In Blog

An Unforgettable Experience

By Garrett Kost MMI Junior At MMI, we pride ourselves with practical and useful knowledge through application both in the classroom and in real life. But little do we actually get to test the latter. For me, a student of the German language and culture for three years, the ability to try out my skills...

PelusoTaylor2015 2016

More than Just a School

By Taylor Peluso 2016 Class President When I started at MMI in the 7th grade, graduation seemed like a far off milestone. Today, it’s just 6 short months away! Hard to believe that the college application process is complete and next year at this time, I’ll be wrapping up my first semester in college.

December 16, 2015January 28, 2022In Blog

The Connected Classroom

By Justin VincentComputer Science Instructor Technology has drastically changed our society in the last 20 years. The ease with which we can now access and distribute information is unprecedented and it has fundamentally impacted the way we live our lives and, more specifically, educate our children. The online resources available for students and teachers are...

December 3, 2015January 28, 2022In Blog
Madison Below

Study Habits

By Madison Below School Counselor Learning good study habits in middle school assists students well into their high school years and beyond. By understanding how to manage time, information, and materials, students gain the skills they need to be organized, efficient learners who have a toolkit of strategies for completing their homework on a nightly...

November 19, 2015January 28, 2022In Blog
ferry lisa portrait

Summer + Art = FUN

By Lisa FerryArt Instructor Ah, it’s finally summer. Time to kick back and enjoy the nice weather, finally. What better way to do that than to grab your tunes, a beverage, and for me, my sketchbook, paints, and canvas. With no pressure from classes, grades, or getting up early (yes, us teachers feel the same...

June 16, 2015January 28, 2022In Blog
mmi staff 087 tribbet web

School is out for summer, but staying active is in!

By Jason TribbetAthletic Director If you listen closely, kids everywhere are cheering as summer vacation is underway. After a long school year, it’s finally time to sleep in, lie on the couch, play video games, and watch television… right? While everyone needs to relax a little and catch their breath from all the hard work...

June 10, 2015January 28, 2022In Blog
mmi staff 121 tim garvey web

It’s summertime

By Tim GarveyScience Instructor One of my favorite songs growing up when I was a kid was called Summertime. It’s summertime…summertime…sum…sum…summertime! For me the key word being “time.” As a student and teacher of Physics, we talk a lot about what time is and how it is measured. We have created many different types of...

June 10, 2015January 28, 2022In Blog

Why I’m happy I was the “new student”

By Lauren Toscano11th Grade Student I have never been a new student. I went to the same school from kindergarten to eighth grade, and then I started at a high school in ninth grade, just like everyone else. I had new teachers and things like that, but all the other people in my grade did,...

December 9, 2014January 28, 2022In Blog