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Wall of Fame Class of 2007

Distinguished physician, educator, author and community leader, Dr. Murray Feingold ’48 has devoted his life to the care of children with birth defects. He is Physician-In-Chief of the National Birth Defects Center associated with Children’s Hospital Boston and the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children. Dr. Feingold is nationally known in the field of clinical genetics and is the author of more than 175 scientific articles and two books. He was one of the first physicians to proactively use the media to educate the public on health issues and has been the medical editor of CBS TV Boston and WBZ Radio for more than 30 years. Dr. Feingold has served on the faculty of Harvard, Tufts and Boston University Medical Schools and is the founder and president of the Genesis Fund, a non-profit organization that provides funding for specialized care of New England area children born with birth defects, genetic diseases and mental retardation.

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