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Mary Beth Mischissin Broadt holds the MMI record for highest average by a member of the girls’ bowling team, and led the girls to the only varsity Anthracite League Bowling League Championship ever won (boys and girls) by the Preppers.

In 1984, as an eighth-grader, she was a member of the girls’ varsity team and averaged 130. In 1985, she led the varsity girls in average and bowled the high game and high two-game series and was team MVP. In 1986, she led the girls in all categories with her 144 average and was once again selected as MVP. The 1987 girls’ team won the only MMI varsity Anthracite League Championship. She anchored the team and led the league with a 168 average, which remained (until the league’s demise) the second-highest average achieved by any Anthracite League girl bowler. Her success earned her a third consecutive MVP award. In her five years of varsity competition, Mrs. Broadt established all the MMI girls’ bowling records and was the unquestioned leader of the only MMI varsity team to win an Anthracite League championship.

She was also a cheerleader and a softball player at MMI.

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