MMI Announces Early Enrollment Grant

MMI Preparatory School announced today that it will make early enrollment grants available to families who attend the Exploration Day in November or January and enroll their student(s) by March 15, 2023.

“We believe that every child who has the drive to do so should have access to an MMI education. That’s why we’re offering an early enrollment grant to new students and have a tuition assistance program in place,” said Theresa Long, MMI Head of School. “Today’s economy is not getting any easier so we’re looking at ways to help families make the decision to choose an MMI education.”

Any family that has a new student and attends the Exploration Day in either November or January is eligible for the $2,000 grant when they enroll for the first time before March 15. In order to meet the March 15 deadline, families must complete the admissions and tuition assistance process by March 1. This is a one-time grant designed to help families make the decision to send their child to an independent school. Families are also eligible to apply for tuition assistance to help them afford the remaining tuition balance. Over 54% of MMI families receive some type of need-based tuition assistance with the average aid award being just over $8,500.

All families that apply for tuition assistance are required to reapply annually however, this grant is non-renewable. Marci Hosier, MMI Director of Enrollment Management said, “Many people think they cannot afford an MMI education, but the reality is that we have a robust tuition assistance program and work with many families to help make an MMI education possible. Our hope is that the addition of the early enrollment grant will give people another reason to look at MMI for their child’s sixth through 12th grade education.”

Anyone interested in registering for the November 19 or January 28 Exploration Days or in finding out more about the Early Enrollment Grant, should contact Marci Hosier, Director of Enrollment Management, at (570) 636-1108 Ext. 136 or email


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