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Wall of Fame Class of 2008

Mr. Clinton A. Feissner, Esq. ‘28 enjoyed a remarkable career in service to the United States. Following graduation from MMI, Mr. Feissner earned his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law School. His sense of duty and responsibility to improve the welfare of others led him to enlist in the United States Air Force during World War II. During the war, he honed his skills as an attorney, earning a reputation for intelligence, industriousness and integrity. Mr. Feissner was assigned by Allied General Headquarters as chief of the Research and Development Division of the Civil Communications Section (CCS), which was established to demilitarize and modernize Japan’s communications grid, including domestic and international postal, broadcasting, wireless and telecommunications networks. The CCS was charged with breaking the monopoly formerly exercised by the Japanese military over radio and telecommunications by dissolving or converting to non-military uses the wireless, telegram and telephone branches of the Imperial Army and Navy. Mr. Feissner developed and implemented the guidelines for removing the Japan Broadcasting Company from military control which allowed private radio stations to broadcast for the first time. Economically, these guidelines provided the framework upon which Japan’s capitalist, free-market telecommunications industry would later be built. Through the unyielding efforts of Mr. Feissner and his colleagues, Japan emerged as an economic powerhouse and steadfast ally of the United States of America.

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