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Wall of Fame Class of 2012

Mr. Walter F. Dryfoos ‘59 was the center for the MMI Preppers basketball team in the late 1950s. His physical presence and drive to win made him a respected presence throughout the Anthracite League. “One of the taller members of the class, Walt has used his height to full advantage on the basketball court,” noted the Minamek, MMI’s yearbook. Dryfoos set a scoring record in a season with 694 points, as the Preppers went 17-10. He also set a record for the greatest number of points in a game, with 47 points in a game against Foster Township High School. For a time, he held MMI’s all-time scoring record. While shooting 68 percent from the floor, he averaged 33 points per game in the second half of his senior year’s season. His season average was 25.8 points per game. He was named Most Valuable Player in the Bloomsburg Invitational Tournament, when MMI made it to the semi-finals. Later, he served as the head coach of the first-ever men’s basketball team at DeSales University.

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