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Wall of Fame Class of 2007

Mr. Weld Coxe ’46 was one of MMI’s most ardent supporters and loyal alumni. As a great-great-nephew of MMI Founder Eckley B. Coxe, he served as the primary contact between MMI and the Coxe Family. For more than four decades, Mr. Coxe stressed to family members the importance of the Coxe legacy to MMI. He was a longtime MMI Board Member and actively participated and supported all of MMI’s annual and capital campaigns over the years. In addition to his involvement with his alma mater, Mr. Coxe enjoyed a distinguished career as a management consultant in the field of architecture and was the author of several books on architects and management. Mr. Coxe taught courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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