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Wall of Fame Class of 2013

Mrs. Marge Boyle devoted 31 years to MMI Preparatory School, working as secretary to the president from 1977 until her retirement in 2008. Mrs. Boyle was known for her dedication to the school and students and was in the office each morning by 6:30 am. She had an excellent rapport with students, faculty, and staff, all of whom knew they could depend on her to support them however she could.  Always a friendly face in the office, Mrs. Boyle was known for helping students have a positive experience at MMI and feel confident in their transition to college. She served under two presidents, Mr. Joseph Rudawski and Dr. William Shergalis ’58, both of whom spoke highly of her. “Her dedication to the school and the students was exceptional. Marge and I worked together for many years and I could count on her for anything,” Mr. Rudawski said. Dr. Shergalis said, “Marge’s talents helped me immensely. She was great at handling unexpected situations, as well as all the normal details of the day.”

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