Grete H. Floryshak

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Social Sciences Instructor

1992 Graduate of MMI
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, History Minor, Lehigh University
Master of Arts in History, Lehigh University

Mrs. Floryshak joined the MMI faculty in 2006. She previously worked at Prevention magazine and Rodale Press as a researcher and fact-checker, manager of the news bureau at King’s College, and as a proofreader for AccuScript Court Reporting & Video.

She uses her combined background in history and journalism to teach upper school American history courses as well as a research-writing seminar.

“I feel privileged to spend my days with students,” Floryshak said. “I consider us to be partners in education, and I find that every year I learn as much from the kids as they do from me. To me, school is not just about academics, but also about finding a sense of purpose, learning to care for others, and looking with curiosity and hope at the world around us.”

Mrs. Floryshak’s interests include health and fitness, appreciating nature, and reading and writing fiction. She is a published novelist and resides with her family in Sugarloaf Township.

To contact Mrs. Floryshak, please email her at